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:star:Or the bunny army will get you!:star:


Mwahahaahahahahahah now you will see all my fandoms and interests xDD




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Oh Momo not again xDDDDDDD I'm gonna have to hide that glue from you xDDDDD
Thu Nov 1, 2012, 12:35 AM
*hides the Elmer's Glue jar* <83
Thu Oct 25, 2012, 9:47 AM
You gooby! But I'm stuck with you........cause you glued us together! You think I forgot about that xDDDDDD JK!
Tue Aug 7, 2012, 8:35 PM
Hee hee hee hee xDDDDDDD
Tue Aug 7, 2012, 7:47 PM
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwww now there's slobber and Momo germs all over it! Yuck!.........Goober grape!
Tue Aug 7, 2012, 1:28 PM
Oh nom nom nom Yum shout <I33333333333
Tue Aug 7, 2012, 9:58 AM
Oooooh I want cookies! 8D Gimme Gimme! JK! xDDD :cookie:
Thu Jan 19, 2012, 12:41 PM
Thu Jan 19, 2012, 12:37 PM
Shout! Shout! Let it all out! 8D
Thu Jan 19, 2012, 12:29 PM


Yin Appilcation by BabyWaluigi
Yin Appilcation
My Application for :iconthe-poke-connection:

[Basic Info]

Name: Yin Mamarou Moto

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Height & Weight: 6'6"/155lbs.

Birthday: December 10th

Relationship Status: Single

Orientation: Heteroromantic Asexual

[Pokémon Info]

                                                                                           <da:thumb id="433424324">

Nature:  Quiet/Peaceful

Ability: Is ammune to fire and has the ability to levitate when he doesn't feel like walking

Hidden Ability: Can read the minds of those's who are very close to him.

Moves: Mystical Fire ~:iconfiretypeplz: Lucky Chant~:iconnormaltypeplz: Pysbeam~:iconpsychictypeplz: Magic Room~:iconpsychictypeplz:

[Personal Info]

Job: Sensi at a Martial Arts Dojo

Residence: Lumiose City



-Writing with Caligraphy Brushes

-Listening to music


-Making Glass Windchimes



♥ Kittens

♥ His robes

♥ Fire (He's not a pyromaniac!)

♥ Cookies and Poke Puffs 

♥ Quiet settings

♥ His Kio Pond

♥ Keys


 ✘ Being disturbed during his classes

 ✘ Being told to levitate or read minds

 ✘ Water

 ✘ His tail being pulled

 ✘ Snapping his stick in half

 ✘ Drama


-Quiet : Yin doesn't talk too much mostly because he's sensing people and trying to see how they are. So when you first meet him he may be silent at first but if he likes you he will start talking to you but if not he will politely ask you to leave or he will ask to leave himself.

-Peaceful : Yin always tries to remain in a peaceful state of mind but in the same breathe he tries to create a surrounding that just speaks just the same. 

-Hardworking but can be slow: He usually is a very hard worker but he goes at his pace which is slow depending on the task he is given. But in the end you will get a job that's well to satisfactory expectation

-Kind: He's very kind once you can look past his fiery glaze/ silent attitude. He routinely takes care of stray cats by feeding them also to keep them from eating his precious Kio's.

-Neutral : Yin trys to stay neutral as possible, mostly because he doesn't wanna deal with the drama of whatever is going on/ he really just doesn't care too much to take a side.

-Cuddly: Believe it or not underneath that tough/fiery look of his, Yin actually likes to snuggle mostly because that's how he keeps his warmth in but also because it makes him feel a sense of serenity.


Yin was hatched in a rolling meadow but sadly when he first poked his head out of his egg he was surrounded by a herd of Klefki's. Naturally they all started tingling their keys at him but the oldest female Klefki actually stopped them and instantly took a shine to him. Yin was basically adopted by her for she had lost her young much too soon and was still feeling that nurturing feeling. For a while Yin thought he was a Klefki himself but it wasn't until he accidently spit a fire ball that he realized he wasn't really. Mind you he was 3 at this time but after that his mother tried her best to teach him how to be what he was.

After many years Yin became a Delphox and because of his mothers teachings he learned that every child must leave the nest eventually. Yin made his way to Lumiose City because he heard about a Dojo and felt it would do him good to try out. After abit of trial and error he eventually made his way up in the ranks to a sensei. After that he bought a modest oriental home to celebrate his heritage.

[Relationships Info]

Mother: Orchid Moto | :iconklefkiplz: | Female | 3'3/90 lbs| Late 30s-Early 40s | Birth: October 31| Marital Status: Single


Relationship Key:

Paw Bullet (Dull Pink) - F2U! = Love
Paw Bullet (Pink) - F2U! = Crush
Paw Bullet (Blue) - F2U! = Best Friend
Paw Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U! = Friend
Paw Bullet (Orange) - F2U! = Acquaintance
Paw Bullet (Zebra) - F2U! = Neutral
Paw Bullet (Brown) - F2U! = Dislike/Discomfort
Paw Bullet (Dark Brown) - F2U! = Hate 


-Collects Keys of all shapes and sizes

- Has snapped about 8 sticks in his life

-Is Japanese/Chinese

-Underneath all of his robes he looks scrawny but makes up for what he lacks in size

-Visit's his family as often as he can

[Roleplay Info]

RP Method: Script 

Where to RP: Notes & Skype

Do you mind starting the RP?: I don't mind

Language: English
Whew boy! Im sorry if it seems like I fell off the face of the earth but the thing is I just started school as a CNA and believe me its ALOT to take in and Im wore out sometimes cause I have to go from work to school so I hope I dont make people feel like Im ditching them or feeling left out <:


Just call me Bri :3
Artist | Hobbyist
United States

Hahahah about me....Well I'm dorkier than a box of NERDS xDD

But I'm very sweet natured and easy to talk too :333
I know at times it seems like I've got a temper on me but really I'm just a goof-ball xDD

I geuss I'll give you abit more info about me xDD

Full Name: Brihanna "BLANK" Sorry you can't know my last x3333333333

Nicknames: Bri (I perfer this one :3),Bri-Chan,Breezy,Russia,Hank,The Bat,Annie,StarShine,Starry, Anna-Bell,Moose (Pretty much with nicknames if you think it fits me then you can call me it xDD Nothing bad though!)

Personality: Sweet-Nature,Innocent nautured, A dork!,Funny,Caring,Honest,Can be like Romano if you cross me now a days,Doesn't take anybody's shit!,Smart-Ass,Witty,Loving and nows how to have fun!!

Interests: Anime,Fantasy,Role-Playing,Roller Skating,MUSIC!!,Chatting,Laughing,Cute Things, Wierd and strange things, Likes anime guys who are slighty crazy xDD Drawing,Playing games,Sewing,Making things,Sleeping,Hugs,Feeling loved and ect.

Dislikes: Rudeness,Unfairness,Being cheated or back-stabbed,People who mess with your mind,Coffee,Having cell phone blown up with messages,Fighting,Argueing,Nasty Things,Pain,Being messed with just to be annoying,Being envyed (It bothers me honestly!), Crappy Movies,Beetles,Bee's and Wasps!

Animals (These are pets I like and may want xD) : Bosten Terriers,Rats,Pet Skunks,Hedgehogs,Sphinx and Siamese Cats.

Interesting facts about me: I'm a lefty :3, I collect alot of anime stuff xDD Anything from plushies to comic's, I can resite alot of movie quotes for alot of movies, I know alot of music from the 80's and early 90's, I love Hello Kitty, I have a glass dumbo figure that I've held onto since I was born....It use to be on lamp xD. I also love Minitures and I like making them as well x333
Emoticons that fit my moods perfectly xDDD

Stamps 8D
:icongivechocolatesplz::iconchocolatesplz::icondontsmokestamp1::icondontsmokestamp2: :iconsodaplz1::iconsodaplz2:
:iconjpopstamp1::iconjpopstamp2::iconlibra1plz::iconlibra2plz: :iconirefusestamp1plz::iconirefusestamp2plz:

:iconshoopda::iconjustinlaserplz::iconshoopde: DIE JUSTIN BIEB-SHIT!!!!



Hetalia! What Country Are You?
Hetalia! What Country Are You?
Hosted By Anime


:iconkittydividerplz::iconkittydivider2plz::iconkittydivider3plz::iconkittydivider4plz::iconkittydividerblueplz::iconsaysplz: Peek-A-Boo I see you!! :meow:


Current Residence: Somewhere in the World but wishes she was in Europe!
Favourite genre of music: I love all forms of music! I'm a music apprecaitor ^^
Favourite cartoon character: Got to many to name them all xD
Personal Quote: Life is better when you have friends by your side.

Who should I make like the KugelMugel piccy I just did recently? 

3 deviants said Wy
1 deviant said Russia
1 deviant said Other (Comment please if enough people vote on it I'll consider it :33333333)
No deviants said Austria
No deviants said Italy
No deviants said Ukraine
No deviants said Lichtenstien


BabyWaluigi has started a donation pool!
102 / 10,000


I'm willing to do point commisions ^-^ :iconwillworkplz::iconforpointsplz:

I will be useing Paint Tool SIA for piccys

3 :points: ~Line-Art
5 :points: ~Colored Pic (transparent background no shading)
7 :points: ~Colored Pic (transparent background Pixel-Style)
10 :points: ~Colored Pic (With White Background)
12 :points: ~Colored Pic (With Background)
15 :points: ~Colored Picture with Background of course
20 :points: ~Simple picture no shading no background
30 :points: ~Simple picture no shading with b/g
35 :points: ~Simple picture no shading with b/g & white frame
45 :points: ~Shaded picture no b/g
50 :points: ~Shaded picture with b/g
60 :points: ~Shaded picture with b/g & white frame

You must be logged in to donate.
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    Anonymous Deviant
    Donated May 16, 2014, 4:47:07 PM
  • :iconleonman-42:
    Donated Mar 26, 2012, 10:58:09 PM



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